How To: Pair Your Philips Hue 2.0 Bridge with Apple HomeKit

Philips Hue Square Bridge Version 2.0 with HomeKit

So you’ve got your brand new Philips Hue 2.0 Bridge in front of you. It’s a bit less shiny and decidedly more square than version 1. You also have an iOS device running iOS 10 and possibly an Apple TV as well (more on this later). You just want to say “Siri, turn on my bedroom lights”, so lets get to it.

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Install: How To Replace A Fixture

How To Replace A Fixture LED 3

So you’ve decided to make the jump, you went out and picked up a brand new LED fixture and you’re ready to install it. What now? Well it probably came with instructions that you already placed in the trash, so I’ll try cover the main points.

Disclaimer: This guide is not meant to be a substitute for common sense or the manual that came with the fixture, use those first.  I am not a licensed electrician.

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