Bathroom Exhaust Fans with LED Lighting

Bathroom exhaust fans are an often neglected fixture in the home. They’re in the ceiling and out of reach, so out of sight, out of mind. Finding bathroom fans with built-in LED lighting is an exercise in determining how much you’re willing to compromise. I researched 30 or so different fans trying to find a solution with a low Sones rating (the rating system for bathroom fan noise levels) and reasonable light output while maintaining a visually pleasing design. Check out my list of the best exhaust fans below.

I ended up using two different solutions for exhaust fans with LED lighting.

1. The traditional builder grade Broan fan with a Cree LED

For those not looking to retrofit or keep costs down the classic Broan fan is likely already installed in most bathrooms or easily installed. The Cree LED light bulb has plenty of light output and a high CRI that is not affected by the white opaque lens on the fan.

2. A new bathroom fan design from Broan with built in LED light and low sound output

Broan 791ledm LED Bathroom FanThe Broan 791LEDM fan moves 110 CFM at 1.5 Sones. If you are replacing an existing exhaust fan, this is likely smaller, meaning you’ll have to do some sheetrock work to fill in the gaps this will leave around the edges. In my testing it is much quieter than the builder grade fans and the light output has no issues covering a half-bath or smaller full bathroom.

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