Review: Huawei Nexus 6P on Google Fi

Nexus 6p LED Light Review

Well I’ve had the Nexus 6P for 12 hours now, here are my thoughts. It’s fast, seriously fast, like the fastest computer you’ve ever used is running from a cheetah. The fingerprint sensor is probably twice as fast as my iPhone 6, nearly instantaneous. The camera is good, very neutral, it shoots 4K video which is a big checkbox for me. USB Type-C is very nice (even though it may only be using USB 2.0).

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Review: Outback Big Stick Flashlight

Outback Big Stick LED Flashlight

Nearly perfect. That’s the easiest way to describe this flashlight. A few years ago an electrician I work with from time to time pulled this out of his tool bag, he could’ve elicited the same reaction from me if he pulled out a lightsaber. The Outback Big Stick is the light you can replace your trusty Maglite with (even if you have a new LED Maglite).

When I was a kid I would always shine my dad’s Maglite in the air like it was a searchlight,
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Review: SureFire Minimus LED Headlamp

SureFire Minimus LED Headlamp

The SureFire Minimus LED headlamp (sometimes sold as the Saint Minimus) might very well be the best LED headlamp on the market. Full Disclosure: I own a Minimus and I don’t own a Maximus so I haven’t compared the two.

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