Ultimate 6 Inch Recessed Lighting LED Shootout


Brand Commercial Electric Halo Ecosmart Sylvania Utilitech
Model  CER6741-X  RL560WH-R  ECO-575L  LED RT6  DLS02-61327D1E-WF1
Price as Tested $39.96 $49.97 $34.97 $39.98 $25.98
Brightness 695 Lumens 600 Lumens 575 Lumens 700 Lumens 800 Lumens
Color Temperature 3000 K 3039 K 2700 K 3000 K 2700 K
Color Accuracy 83 CRI 83 CRI 90 CRI 82 CRI 82 CRI
Wattage 11 Watts 9.4 Watts 9.5 Watts 11 Watts 13 Watts
Warranty 3 Yr 3 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 5 Yr
Dimmable Y Y Y Y Y
AirTight Rated Y Y N N Has Gasket
Wet Location Rated Y Y Y Y Damp Only
Turn On Time Very Long Near Instant Instant Long Instant
Mounting Depth Shallow Medium Deepest Deep Shallow
Trim Ring Size Large Small Medium Large Large

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2 Replies to “Ultimate 6 Inch Recessed Lighting LED Shootout”

  1. I am trying to help my daughter repair a Utilitec Model DLS02-61327D1E-WF1 LED Recessed light. This light was in the house when she purchased the house. It keeps falling out of the ceiling because it was not installed properly. The mounting brackets (spring brackets) are missing. Who ever installed the light only cut a hole big enough to force (wedge) the light into the drywall. Can you help me replace the mounting brackets?

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