Home Security Lighting Is A Must And LEDs Make It Easy

As a homeowner, one of the most important things I worry about is the security of my property. I want to make sure that my home is well-lit and that any potential intruders are deterred. One of the ways I have chosen to do this is by installing security lighting on my home.

Security lighting is designed to provide additional light to areas of your home that may be vulnerable to intruders. This can include the exterior of your home, your garage, and any dark corners or alleys that may be near your property. Security lighting is typically brighter and more focused than regular household lighting, which helps to deter burglars and other potential intruders.

I have security lighting installed on the exterior of my home, as well as in my garage and around the perimeter of my property. This lighting is motion-activated, which means that it only turns on when it senses movement. This not only helps to conserve energy, but it also ensures that the lights are only on when they are needed.

One of the things I like about my security lighting is that it is not obtrusive. It is mounted in such a way that it does not shine directly into my windows or onto my neighbors’ properties. This means that it provides the light I need without being a nuisance.

Another thing I like about my security lighting is that it is very easy to maintain. The lights are durable and built to last, and the motion sensors are reliable and easy to adjust. I also like that I can control the lights using my smartphone, which means I can turn them on or off even when I am not at home.

Overall, I am very happy with my decision to install security lighting on my home. It has given me added peace of mind and has helped to deter potential intruders. If you are a homeowner and are looking for ways to improve the security of your property, I would definitely recommend considering security lighting.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans with LED Lighting

Broan 791ledm LED Bathroom Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are an often neglected fixture in the home. They’re in the ceiling and out of reach, so out of sight, out of mind. Finding bathroom fans with built-in LED lighting is an exercise in determining how much you’re willing to compromise. I researched 30 or so different fans trying to find a solution with a low Sones rating (the rating system for bathroom fan noise levels) and reasonable light output while maintaining a visually pleasing design. Check out my list of the best exhaust fans below.

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2018 Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices List

In 2015, the first HomeKit products with Apple’s MFi (“Made for iPhone”) certification went on sale or up for pre-order. The MFi certification ensures that these smart home devices have an authentication chip and have undergone rigorous testing to get Apple’s official seal of approval. At the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, the company announced its app, called Home, which debuted with iOS 10. Home lets you control all your HomeKit-compatible devices through the app or by using your iPhone’s Control Center.

At WWDC two years ago, Apple announced major partners for its smart-home platform, including Philips, Haier, and Honeywell. Devices from these manufacturers have slowly trickled out since then. Now, you can ask Siri to turn on your Philips Hue lights or check to see if your August door lock is secure. However, if you want to control these remotely, you’ll need an Apple TV or an iPad to server as an external bridge.

At Apple’s September event this year, Tim Cook said Apple is expecting 100 more compatible devices to be released this year, with more to come in the future. Could we finally see a HomeKit-enabled security camera? You’ll find our comprehensive list of all HomeKit-certified devices below — we’ll update it as more products come to market.

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The Ultimate Guide to LED Garage Lighting (from Lowes)

Utilitech 4Ft LED Garage/Shop Light

If you’re anything like me you spend a lot of time in your garage, in fact, most of it. The garage has a TV, in-wall speakers, it’s own home theater receiver, HVAC, and most importantly lighting. You can never have enough of it. Working on engines, detailing cars, fixing small electronics… These things all require plenty of light to do and do well. The best LED garage lighting based on my testing can be found below.

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How To: Pair Your Philips Hue 2.0 Bridge with Apple HomeKit

Philips Hue Square Bridge Version 2.0 with HomeKit

So you’ve got your brand new Philips Hue 2.0 Bridge in front of you. It’s a bit less shiny and decidedly more square than version 1. You also have an iOS device running iOS 10 and possibly an Apple TV as well (more on this later). You just want to say “Siri, turn on my bedroom lights”, so lets get to it.

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Review: Huawei Nexus 6P on Google Fi

Nexus 6p LED Light Review

Well I’ve had the Nexus 6P for 12 hours now, here are my thoughts. It’s fast, seriously fast, like the fastest computer you’ve ever used is running from a cheetah. The fingerprint sensor is probably twice as fast as my iPhone 6, nearly instantaneous. The camera is good, very neutral, it shoots 4K video which is a big checkbox for me. USB Type-C is very nice (even though it may only be using USB 2.0).

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Review: Outback Big Stick Flashlight

Outback Big Stick LED Flashlight

Nearly perfect. That’s the easiest way to describe this flashlight. A few years ago an electrician I work with from time to time pulled this out of his tool bag, he could’ve elicited the same reaction from me if he pulled out a lightsaber. The Outback Big Stick is the light you can replace your trusty Maglite with (even if you have a new LED Maglite).

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Review: SureFire Minimus LED Headlamp

SureFire Minimus LED Headlamp

The SureFire Minimus LED headlamp (sometimes sold as the Saint Minimus) might very well be the best LED headlamp on the market. Full Disclosure: I own a Minimus and I don’t own a Maximus so I haven’t compared the two.

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