Review: Philips Hue Halloween App

I installed 3 Philips Hue bulbs in my porch for Halloween and made this walkthrough video of the iMakeStuff Hue Halloween app. There are 3 recessed fixtures above the porch with densely  frosted white lenses and the Hues worked great. The Hues are color changing, RGB LED, edison base bulbs, and they can be controlled by ZigBee.

For the rest of the setup I let AirPlay stream the audio from the Hue Halloween app to my Denon AVR-3313, and ran the preamp audio out to a QSC K12 powered speaker that was cranked up on the porch. This allowed me to walk around and control the light cues and audio with everything running over Wi-Fi.

A few trick-or-treaters commented that this was the scariest place in the neighborhood… Not bad for screwing in 3 LED bulbs and a two dollar app.

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