Review: Intermatic ST01 Digital Timer

There was no reason to have my outdoor garage lights on in full sunlight. This prompted my search for an affordable digital timer that would turn them on and off around dusk. The Intermatic ST01 blew away my expectations.

I was searching for a simple digital switch replacement that would turn them on and off at preset times. This timer does so much more. It will control any load, including LED, CFL, incandescent, and even motors like fans. The timer is reasonably easy to configure, and I haven’t touched it since the installation. It updates automatically for daylight savings time, and I have it set to randomize the turn on time. This will turn the lights on within +/- 30 minutes of the set time so it looks like someone is always home. If you’ve ever installed a light switch before you should have no problem installing this, I think it even comes with a little installation guide that details how to wire it. Remember to take the necessary precautions such as turning off the breaker to that circuit.

If you need a digital timer switch, this is the one. Don’t waste your time looking for others, they don’t compare.

Astronomical clock
Option to randomize turn on time
Neutral wire is not required
Auto daylight savings time
Keeps time through power outages

You’ll need to read the manual or quick start guideĀ to program it
Quite a bit larger than a normal Decora switch (you might have to force it into the box)
Eventually you’ll have to replace the Lithium battery

Intermatic ST01 Self Adjusting Timer – 34.00 at Amazon

Intermatic ST01 Digital Timer

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